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Islam shares the same Abrahamic heritage as Judaism and Christianity and therefore shares similar beliefs and practices. Some of the shared beliefs include angels, the hereafter, prophets, and holy scriptures. Some of the shared practices include prayer, fasting and charity. Below are some links to videos and websites that will help you navigate your journey towards understanding Islam.

Long Story Short: Islam

Sharia! Jihad! Hijab! These words

might sound familiar to you but

don't judge a Quran by its cover.

Wajahat Ali breaks down the

misperceptions around islam.

Introduction to Islam | Belief

Varun Soni, dean of Religious

Life at the University of South-

ern California, discusses Islamic

beliefs and common miscon-

ceptions about the second

largest religion in the world

What's Islam? Islam in Brief

Yusuf Estes was born in the

mid-west United States 1944 to

a religious Christian family. They

moved to Houston, Texas in 1949

where he grew in the Disciples of

Christ and was baptized into

the church in 1956.

How Ruben (Abu Bakr) Became
a Muslim